Santa Barbara

11th Annual California Wine Festival - Santa Barbara

Old Spanish NIghts

July 17, 2014 @ Casa De La Guerra

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Old Spanish Nights

Luna Gitana

Music from the Beatles to the Gipsy Kings, Featuring  California Rumba Flamenco sound, enhanced by Opera and Italian hits; smooth Latin Jazz; romantic Tangos and exotic World sounds; all propelled by thrilling vocals, classical guitars, violin and Latin/World percussion. From the prelude to the ceremony, to the last dance, it is Luna Gitana’s  purpose to provide amazing entertainment.

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Sunset Rare & Reserve Wine Tasting

July 18, 2014 @ Chase Palm Park Carousel

Friday, July 18, 2014 Sunset Rare & Reserve Tasting

Donna Greene & the Roadhouse Daddies

Ms. Greene has been lauded in both the jazz and blues scenes for her sensuous personality and roadhouse energy that pulls the audience in and keeps them wanting more. Joining her on stage are the Roadhouse Daddies led by Greg ‘Snoots Noodlemyer’ Loeb, whose bio is a mile long. He’s traveled the world and played with some amazing and well-known musicians. Snoots and Lady Blue are joined by some of the top veterans in the music world.

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Beachside Wine Festival

July 19, 2014 @ Chase Palm Park Meadow

Sat., July 19 - Beachside Wine & Food Festival


The band UPSTREAM, whose members include two sons of the venerable inventor of Soca music, the late Ras Shorty I, was formed in the republic of Trinidad & Tobago in 1989. They relocated to Southern California in the early nineties and made a name for themselves performing in numerous venues, events and festivals, throughout California and Western States. Their energetic eclectic style of Reggae and Soca has earned them a formidable appellation in the music industry world.

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